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By KR, Oct 18 2017 06:55PM

And just like that, IT'S FALL

Fall has slowly crept upon us, which means colder weather and shorter days. Have you come up with a plan to adjust your haircare routine? The mission is to keep your beautiful coils, kinks, and curls healthy throughout the season.

Fall is the perfect time for you to begin taking extra care of your hair. During this season your curls are more likely to be prone to dryness from the change in temperature. Use this opportunity to retain your length and focus on growing your hair if that is your goal.

Here are 4 Steps to help your adjust your haircare routine from Summer to Fall.

1. Protective Styling

2. Silk Press

3. L.O.C. Method

4. Beanies

If all else fails and it's too much for you to manage, Contact us at KRB HAIR STUDIO! We're always willing to help!!

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By KR, Jun 16 2016 05:29AM

DON'T IGNORE YOUR HAIR!!! There is more to maintaining and protecting your hair than just getting a protective style. Here are a few tips to help you maintain healthy hair after the installation of a protective style:

1. Have a consultation with the stylist who will install your protective style to see if your hair is in a healthy state to receive whatever protective style Iit is that you desire.

2. A protective style does not excuse you from caring for your scalp and hair. It is still important to moisturize and cleanse your scalp. Consult with your stylist to see how often each of these important tasks should be performed for your hair.

3. It is very important to tie your hair down at night with a satin scarf or a silk bonnet. Doing so protects your scalp from drying out and keeps your edges looking fresh.

4. I do not recommend any protective style be left in longer than 6-8 weeks. Again, please consult with your stylist to see what the recommended life of your protective style is.

5. Avoid pulling braids, twists, faux locs, etc too tight when styling hair in updos and other styles. Especially right after installation. #PreserveThoseEdges

6. I love a nice installation of braids just like everyone else. HOWEVER, if your stylist is installing your protective style so tight to the point that it is unbearable, SPEAK UP!

7. Give your hair a break. You have options with your hair. You don't always have to wear braids, sew ins, quick weaves, etc. Reach out to a stylist if you are not sure what other options you have.

8. Lastly, when you are taking down your protective style be gentle. It is very important that you comb your hair out thoroughly before shampooing and conditioning.

In closing, I hope these tips will help you maintain and protect your hair. Leave us a comment and let us know if you use any of these tips or have any tips for other beauties who get protective styles. WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOUR TIPS.

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