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By KR, Sep 20 2017 03:29AM

Asmany of you know, I'm Krystle Rucker, LIcensed Cosmetologist, Licensed barber, and Owner of KRB HAIR STUDIO. I absolutely love what I do! From the experience to the finishing outcome, there is no better feeling than making someone feel good about themselves. That's why I call myself the KryStylizer!!!! Krys is part of my name and to STYLE is my Thang!!! LOL Get it!!!

To give you a more detailed understanding of what I mean when I say KryStylized, I've attached the definitiion. Feel free to check out my reviews on any of my social media accounts! My clients love me and I love and cherish them!!

Have you been KryStylized before? If so, leave us a note in the comments explaining your experience.

By KR, Jan 22 2015 04:11AM

As a wife, mother, hairstylist, and overall person I have no desire to fit in. Everyone won't like the way I do things and I'm okay with that. It took me being on this Earth 28 years to figure that out. Its a very liberating feeling to do as I please without worrying about if someone likes the decisions or art I produce. There will be a million hairstylists in the world. I am confident enough in myself to support them all. At the end of the day, they are not me and I am not them. There will be techniques and styles that I do that they may not and vice versa. That doesn't make their way wrong and mine right and vice versa. 5+4=9 so does 6+3. My point is, your individuality is what sets you apart from everyone else. Don't ever conform to fit in. Always Market yourself. Follow your heart and always do what comes natural to you. Embrace your Individuality. Love what you love without worrying about judgement. You never stop learning in the crazy thing called life. Tell me in the comments what makes you different from your peers.

By KR, Nov 18 2014 06:41AM

Hair Care and styling really is an art! Picking your hairstylist should be like picking your doctor. You want someone who has knowledge about the health and structure of your hair, passionate, and most important clean. Sanitation is of GREAT IMPORTANCE! When you look good you feel good!

Hair is art for so many reasons. Hair can be colored, loc'd, braided, weaved, pressed, relaxed and permed to name a few. Some of these measures can be harmful to the hair if not done properly. For this reason, it is always advised that you choose your Artist/Hairstylist carefully.

Once you are in the right hands, there is no limit to the transformations that can be done to your hair. The way we wear our hair tells a lot about us. What better way to put your creativity and personality on display!

I've listed a few unique hair art photos for your enjoyment. Let us know what you think.

By the way, art is not limited to hair. My art of choice is hair. However, Art is all around us. Painting, sewing, drawing, yoga, cutting, photograpy, music, carving, hunting, and nail art to name a few. What'syour art of choice?

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